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The DeFiChain community, escpecially the DeFighters, strive to promote the DeFiChain across different social media platforms. Since some people are more talented in writing good posts than others, DeFiChain Promo provides a platform where individuals can hand in posts which can be reused by the community for promotional purposes. DeFiChain Promo aims to provide a collection of high quality posts which are:

  • reusable
  • easy to use
  • highly effective

The engagement rate of a high quality post is enormously higher compared to a low quality post. The higher the engagement rate, the better the marketing and the reputation for DeFiChain. All of DeFiChain Promos posts are proven to be scientifically effective, resulting in excellent engagement rate.

Want to write awesome posts on your own? Check out our good-post quick tips:

good-post quick tips

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Quick Tips

Quick tips for writing awesome posts/answers with a high engagement rate based on scientific studies

talk with people, not to them

When answering to someone, always @mention the post creator. When it comes to feedback, each negative aspect should be compensated with a good one. Address negative feedback first and end with positive aspects. By doing so, the engagement rate increases massively since the last message you convey to the post creator is positive.

if someone asks for your opinion, ask back

Often, influencers ask their audience for personal opinion. Instead of simply answering, shoot the ball back and ask for his/her opinon as well. For example: the answer for a question such as "What is your favorite coin?" should always end with something like:

  • "... can you tell me your opinion?"
  • "... do you agree/disagree with me?"

only use 1 or 2 hashtags

According to scientists, posts/answers with 2 hashtags are said to increase the engagement rate by a factor of 2. By using 3 or more hashtags however, the rate decreases by 17%. Keep in mind: hashtags needs to be short and should have a recognition value.
The ideal number of hashtags depends on the use case:

  • 2 hashtags when post/answer does not contain a link
  • 1 hashtags (if at all) when post/answer does contain a link

create attention by using graphical content

The key to promote something is attention. If you do not get attention on your post, most likely, you will not not yield the desired results. The best way to get attention is by using images, memes or videos (max. duration: 25 sec.). As a result, the engagement rate of a/n post/answer is said to skyrocket over 100%. As long as you get attention, you are halfway done.

use viral words and phrases

Most social media platforms (especially Twitter) are powerful at driving amplification for brand-message-reposts that share your message. 78% of user engagement with a brand’s Tweet is in the form of retweets. This amplification potential can be exploited by using the following words/content:

  • imperative words such as "look" or "make" to encourage people
  • superlative words such as "the most" or "mindblowing"
  • statistical data with unusual figures ("... has seen a rise of 153%!")
  • audience-referencing phrases such as "when you", and "you see"

post frequently and at the right time

Not only the frequency, but also the time when you post is crucial. A study has carried out that the social media engagement for brands is 17% higher on saturday and sunday whereas B2C are more active from monday - friday. Posting at the right time can result in a 30% higher engagement rate.

  • Weekdays for B2C, Weekends for B2B
  • Post at 9am, 3pm or 7pm
  • The more regularly you post, the higher your engagement rate

deliver strong call-to actions

Different posts can be used to achieve various marketing outcomes. When it comes to call-to actions, note the following:

  • avoid using Hashtags and @mentions
  • simplify! - the ideal post is 100 characters long
  • start with a compelling offer followed by a sense of urgency

request your posts to be shared

When you want to grow you audience/engagement rate, you should not be afraid to ask your audience to share/like/retweet your posts. A scientific study has shown that posts, that specifically request followers for sharing, increase their share rate by a factor of 12 compared to those that do not request followers for sharing.

  • Expert tip for Twitter: write the word "retweet" (23x engagement) instead of abbreviating it with "RT" (13x engagement)

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